Ten Truths About Human Nature: Avoiding Detours.

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See these ten truths about human nature and avoid detours.1. As long as you succeed, ugly is tolerable, fat is plump, short is essence, black is texture, any flaw can be smoothed over.2. Why do many women get cheated by men repeatedly for a long time? Because their demands can only be met by liars, normal people can't satisfy them.3. You don't have to do things beautifully, but you have to speak beautifully.4. The more powerful a person is, the fewer friends he will have around him, and he may not even have true friends. We used to think that having more friends would make the road easier, but in fact, only when your road is easier, your friends will become more and more.5. Don't try to reason with people when you have no value and nothing at all, no one wants to listen to your heartfelt words and earnest advice, what they care more about is the value you create at this moment.6. Poor in the bustling city, no one asks, rich in the deep mountains, have distant relatives, don't believe you look at the wine in the cup, every cup is only for the rich. When you are in the trough, don't bother anyone, they will only shun you, full of disgust, why bother to ask for trouble.7. Being a good teacher is a kind of show off, the subconscious tells others that you are stronger than them, as soon as this attitude comes out, others' resentment will come out.8. Social resources are always limited, good things have to be grabbed, only the weak will wait for distribution.9. The more fierce your personality is, the more gentle the world will be to you, if you are more gentle to the world, the more fierce the world will be to you.10. When you are only a little stronger than others, others may be jealous, dissatisfied, attack you, or even slander you. However, when you are strong enough to far surpass others, others will not even have the courage to envy you, what is left is only their admiration and awe for you, they will love you, fear you, respect you.