Vertex Protocol Announces VRTX Token Distribution Model

COL DIS es ib ion 2023-11-12 71

According to Foresight News, decentralized exchange platform Vertex Protocol on the Arbitrum chain has announced its VRTX token distribution model. The total supply of VRTX tokens is 1 billion, with 34% allocated for continuous incentives, 20% for the founding team, 10% for the Initial Token Phase (the first stage of the Trade & Earn program), 11.7% for the treasury, 9% for the ecosystem, 8.8% for early investors, 5% for future contributors, 1% for LBA, and 0.5% for advisors. Over a period of more than five years, 90.85% of VRTX tokens will be distributed. The distribution of Vertex tokens is set to begin on November 20, 2023.